Best Toys & Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls 2018

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With a modern and classy style, they are perfect for wearing on special occasions. Girls age 10 are all about tech gadgets making a tablet a great gift. All girls love to lounge in style and that is what they will be able to do with this awesome Oversized Light Pink Bean Bag Chair.

Best Christmas Gifts For 10 Year Old Girls And that concludes our list of the best gifts for girls of ten or eleven years of age. From having her own princess Barbie, to exercising her budding business savvy with Monopoly, there’s a gift here suitable for girls of all types.
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Kids will tell you that most of the fun things happen outdoors so give them some ,+ followers on Twitter.
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Best Christmas Gifts For Year Old Girls We hpe you found something nice in this winning list of populart toys. If the one you’re giving it to is a fan of intellectual challenges and competitive games, then you can go for the board games, building sets, and puzzles.

These cat ear sunglasses are gorgeous and perfect for taking cool selfies. Normal sunglasses are cool but when you add little cat ears on them, they become a fun accessory.

They come in super stylish colors and do a good job of blocking out sunlight. Noble Mount Fuzzy Winter Socks. Nobody likes cold feet in the winter. Your toes deserve to be warm. Perfect for curling up on the couch, these fuzzy socks are so much warmer than a normal pair of socks. They come in all different sizes and make great stocking stuffers for any 10 year old girl.

Made out of a cotton and polyester blend, these animal socks might be the cutest thing ever. They have little cat paws on them! You get 4 pairs in each set. When you wear them, you look like a little cat prancing around. These are super cute! These socks from Solmate are not only cute but they are super fun. They come in the most vibrant colors. These pairs are sure to give her happy feet.

Salt Water Sandals by Hoy Shoe. These sandles are super comfortable and stylish. As you break them in, they become more comfortable over time. They fit great and your 10 year old girl is likely to fall in love with these sandals.

Choose from a wide variety of stylish colors. Girls love the adidas Originals Kids Superstar Sneakers because they are comfortable casual shoes to wear with classic styling. They truly are beautiful shoes. Choose from a variety of color options. These run a bit large so you may need to adjust one to two sizes down to ensure a perfect fit. Bear in mind the sizing for ladies is a bit tricky though. If you can get the right size they fit great. Nothing beats that nostalgic feel. Converse High Top Sneakers.

These high top kicks never go out of style. This is the first time in years that the shoe is getting an update. It still features the classic style but now there is a new sock liner for added comfort. Heelys Launch Skate Shoe.

Heelys are super fun skate shoes that allow you to roll on the surface quickly. The quality is really good and they feel great too. Sure to become one of her favorites.

Makes a great birthday gift. Choose from either white or black styling. They are super cute and awesome shoes that ten year old girls will love. I see a new favorite in her shoe lineup! Kamik Raindrops Rain Boot. This Kamik Raindrops Rain Boot are great quality boots at a fab price. They are super cute, comfy, and lightweight boots. Bearpaw Emma Shearling Boot. Bearpaw boots are probably the closest thing to a real pair of Uggs.

Made of suede and available in several colors, these are just as stylish and comfortable. Best of all, they go with just about any look. Muck Boot Hale Pull-on Boot. They are perfect for conquering the rain and snow and exploring the vast world in which we live.

The sizing can be a little tricky for some. The styling is adorable and they are comfy, warm, and durable. If she is ready for her first pair of high heels, these wedge sandals from Michael Kors the perfect pair. With a modern and classy style, they are perfect for wearing on special occasions. Not only will they give her the grownup boost that she is looking for, but they offer much more support than a standard high heel. In the fifth grade, she is ready for book reports and even a little geometry.

Challenge her with these educational gifts for 10 year old girls. Brain Quest Grade 5. The curriculum is aligned with nationally accepted standards. Summer Bridge Activities, Grades 4 — 5. This workbook helps prepare your year old girl for the transition from the fourth grade to the fifth grade. This 8-inch Illuminated World Globe features great quality and it works as intended. The globe is easy to read, educational, and kids love when it lights up.

It also serves as a great night light. Got a 10 year old girl into coin collecting? She can have fun collecting all coins from to The map is high-quality, sturdy, easy to read, and well designed. It keeps the coins snugly in place.

Girls will love collecting their piece of history. Families will actually enjoy playing together. Now that she is 10, she is going to think that she is a teenager already. These gifts for 10 year old girls are great for teaching responsibility. Kids will have fun while getting better with completing their chores. Parents will love these responsibility boards and may choose to offer rewards for successfully completing chores.

Moonjar is an award-winning product that has an acrylic slot for saving, spending, or sharing. Girls can add both bills as well as coins to the jar. Tabletopics Family edition is an awesome card game that ignites amazing conversations with your 10 year old girl.

In an acylic cube, you get over questions to jump-start those conversations and learn something new about your girl. She may learn a thing or two about you, too. Let the exciting conversations begin! Everyone, including 10 year old girls, wants a fidget spinner! With so many fidget spinners out there, how does one find a quality one at a good price? The FabQuality Spinner is the original fidget spinner that started the fidget revolution. Everybody has a fidget spinner, which means they are no longer cool.

So what is the next big thing? These fruit squishies look just like your favorite fruit. When you squish them, they are really satisfying. Say goodbye to fidget spinners and hello to squishies. In recent years, all of us have become aware that we need to get more girls interested in science and stem. Every girl can be a scientist if she is given the opportunity to learn at an early age.

It all starts with toys. These toys and games can help young girls develop logic and analytical skills critical to science, technology, engineering, and math. Girls can learn how electronics works with Electronic Snap Circuits. Unlike traditional electronics, there are no wires.

All of the components snap together on a grid, making it easy for younger girls to build circuits. With over projects, girls will build a FM Radio, doorbell, voice recorder and more. Snap Circuits 3D Illumination builds more than awesome projects. Kids will be excited to create these projects. The best part is you can even create your own projects. Makes a wonderful gift for birthdays and Christmas. Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden is one of the most popular and best science kits around.

It lets kids explore the fascinating process of metamorphosis. Watch in amazement as your 5 caterpillars magically transform into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. Not only can you build robots, this kit gives you the ability to program and control your robot. With pieces, this robotic set comes with a programmable brain along with sensors.

Out of the box, girls can build 5 different robots. While expensive, this is one of the best robotic kits for girls. This premium geode kit from National Geographic makes a cool gift for your ten year old girl.

Your aspiring geologist will love this unique experience of discovering these beautiful crystals. The set includes ten awesome crystal treasures to uncover. Wonder Workshop Dash Robot is a high quality robotics kit. How would you like to setup your own science lab? With the Big Bag of Science, you can do precisely that. There are a handful of really fun science experiements that have that WOW factor.

It gives you great bang for the buck with two microscopes in one and the quality is rather surprising! It is a compound and dissecting stereo microscope. There is no better way to explore the great outdoors than with this inexpensive pair of binoculars.

One look through these and you will see the world you are missing. It has 7X magnification and a 35mm objective lens. This setting is perfect for bird watching, hiking, or even for concerts. The great thing is you can pick it up and take it around anywhere. This actually gives you similar experiences to telescopes that cost thousands of dollars! You can explore the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, stars, clusters, craters and so much more! You can even improve its performance with a barlow and eyepieces.

Have you ever played a piano with bananas? Makey Makey lets kids control their PC with everything from fruits to Play-doh. This small board can turn just about anything into an input device simulating a mouse or keyboard. You simply hook the board to your computer and clip it different objects.

The fun part is coming up with crazy ways to use it. With Makey Makey, anyone can be an inventor. Supported by some of the smartest people in the world, Kano is billed as a computer anyone can build. It really is easy to assemble and program and provides future inventors with confidence. Kids will love engaging with the coding challenges. Kids who love Minecraft will enjoy the Minecraft challenges that teach coding and engineering.

Great gift for fostering problem-solving and tech skills. This Bounty Hunter Metal Detector is a wonderful beginning metal detector. Treasure hunters will love finding all sorts of precious metals like silver, gold, copper, coins and more. Bring the moon inside of your room with this cool moon light. It has a lunar clock that allows it to automatically match the phases of the real moon outside.

What could be cooler? This inexpensive bite sized robot is a great way to introduce basic programming to 10 year old girls. At the most basic level, this robot can follow paths that you draw and read colors as it passes over them. The fun part is learning to program the little guy by using a programming language called Blocky. Using a drag and drop interface, girls can program their robot.

Dash is an interactive robot friend that girls can program. There is so much Dash can do with the included free apps. Girls can drive the robot around, make him play sound effects, change his lights, or even record sounds. The drag and drop interface and tutorials makes it super easy for anyone to learn. In the world of Boost, 10 year old girls build, code, and play with five unique models. The coolest part is that these Legos come to life with simple coding and the designs inspire you to explore your own creations.

Sure to be a hot STEM gift for the holidays. This set includes a variety of colors and LEGO bricks to inspire your creations. The set includes pieces and they can be stored in the bucket. Express your creativity with this fantastic set.

Every Lego City needs a park so this would make an excellent addition to your city. The Moana and Maui mini figures look great and will inspire creative play. Girls will love recreating their favorite scenes from the animated movie. Minecraft fans will love this cave design. The set is very easy to build with bricks and 2 minifigs.

This is one of those gender neutral sets that either girls or boys can equally enjoy. The instructions are very good for building the various models. Fans will be excited to add this set to their collection. It was honored with a Toy of the Year Award. Built from over one thousand pieces, the set offers an amazing and inspiring design for young girls.

Does your 10 year old girl love Legos and animals? Then the Heartlake Puppy Daycare is an adorable set that is sure to be a hit with your girl. Looking for an awesome Lego set for girls? Welcome to Super Hero High! This is a massive and cute set sure to inspire tons of super hero inspired imaginative play. Super fun gift idea for girls. Makes an awesome gift! Girls will have fun building it and displaying it for their friends and family to view.

Lego Friends Advent Calendar Ages Girls who love Star Wars will love this Advent Calendar set. So much joy for holidays — who could possibly resist that? Makes an awesome Christmas gift for girls. Fort Magic is sure to be a hit building and construction toy with your family. Girls love all the creativity possibilities it offers and they are very durably made to last. Give her a gift that makes her not only say WOW but also delights endlessly.

While some girls may outgrow Barbie dolls, dolls are still popular toys for 10 year old girls. She is not too old for Barbies. They are still fun to dress up and style. If she loves dolls, there is nothing wrong with that. Hatchimals are adorably cute fuzzy animals that hatch from colorful eggs. Hatchimals took the world by storm last Christmas and were the most sought-after gift. Could they be a hit again? Girls love that you can nurture them and interact with them.

Nothing beats that element of surprise and excitement that comes from revealing your Hatchimal! She looks so beautiful in her lovely birthday gown. Barbie looks absolutely stunning like a princess. Girls will love adding this super cute Barbie to their collection.

This American Girl Julie doll and novel is a beautiful 18 inch doll. Choose your favorite from a wide selection of American Girl dolls. Makes a great gift idea for girls and a fantastic addition to her doll collection. Spider-Man is our friendly neighborhood superhero and even girls love playing with our web-slinging hero.

Spidey is a high-quality big inch action figure who can be posed in different action poses and take on his adversaries. Girls will love recreating their favorite moments from the movie and showing him off to their friends. Wonder Woman was the surprise hit of the box office.

Wonder Woman is an empowering super hero for girls and she is strong and beautiful. This pretty high-quality inch action doll features articulation in the arms and knees for recreating your favorite action scenes from the movie. Her costume and accessories are simply wonderful and she serves as a positive role model for girls.

Star Wars Princess Leia Ages Her pose is bold and empowering for young girls and she looks ultra cute in her costume. Super fun gift for Star Wars fans. Ten year old girls will love adding her to their collection. Now there are actually toys coming out. The set comes with 6 different characters that you can mix and match.

It comes with a code to unlock in game items. What could be cooler than a character from Minecraft? About 3 inches high, this action figure is the perfect size. You can get her favorite character from Steve to the Creeper. The cool part about this figure is that you can take the figure apart and even mix and match the different body components with other figures in the line. You will have to keep her from getting the other characters in the line. Girls will fall in love with these new hatching surprise collectible toys.

They are riding off the toy craze the Hatchimals created last Christmas. They are super cute and there are 70 to collect in all. Surprise Doll Series Ages Lil Outrageous Littles, are hit collectible toys. They are little dolls with accessories and seven layers of surprises. Girls love collecting these small adorable cuties. Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club Ages This 12 Pack of Shopkins from Season Six are cute and beautiful collectibles.

Will you find any rares or limited editions? Girls will love it because it is a fun set to decorate. The set includes an exclusive Popette figure and puppy parlor Petkins. Are you ready transform this into a Happy Place? The new European theme infuses fun into the Shopkins. The coolest part, however, are the four stackable rooms that are super fun. They are perfect for showcasing your collection. The set contains 20 Shopkins which is awesome for quickly building out your collection.

They are super cute and sweet looking collectibles. The Mega Packs are a fantastic way to build your Shopkins collection. Makes a great birthday gift that is sure to bring smiles.

Four exclusive Shopkins are included with this set, namely the bowling pins and bowling ball. Fun gift idea for your Shopkins lover. Meet Rosie Bloom — the newest Shoppies doll. Rosie looks so cute, adorable, and pretty with her beautiful outfit, hot pink hair, and rosie shoes.

She would make a lovely addition to your Shoppies collection. Rosie is one of the prettiest among the Shoppies mini dolls. She stands about six inches tall and she can be removed from her base. Does your daughter have a ton of Shopkins in her collection lying around the house?

The collectors case is a fantastic storage solution for organizing your Shopkins collection. Shopkins fans will love receiving this as a gift. Your Shopkins fan will agree this is the best thing ever! Pokemon fans will be excited about getting this set because it contains an exclusive giant Lycanroc GX card, which is the main attraction and a fantastic card to have in your collection.

Additionally, you get 40 regular cards, a large EX and small EX card. Gund Pusheen Plush with Cookie. This Gund Pusheen Plush figurine is an adorably cute gift for any Pusheen fan! Girls will absolutely love this! A fantastic stocker stuffer or gift!

Ty Kiki Grey Cat Plush. Super Flopsie Celestia Unicorn Plush is a fabulous quality inch plush animal figure. The feeling is simply sensational! Girls into unicorns will go head over heels for these cuddly buddies. Hog Wild Unicorn Popper. A unicorn popper fight is so much more fun. During her next sleepover, arm everyone with this unicorn popper. While this unicorn might look innocent, it shoots rainbow colored foam balls out of its mouth.

Simply stuff one of the included balls into his mouth and squeeze its belly to let the ball fly up to 20 feet away. Laser X is one of the coolest laser gaming experiences this year.

This Two-Player Pack boasts two well-constructed Laser X blasters with cool colored lighting effects. The game is a complete blast to play and 10 year old girls will love it. This has fantastic replay value as kids will come back to it again and again. The Atomic Power Popper is an awesome popper guns.

Girls will have a blast with this blaster. Gear up for fun and games with your family! The Original Stomp Rocket: The Dueling Stomp Rocket is incredibly fun for parties. Girls can compete against their family or friends to see who can get their rocket to fly the highest.

The set is well built especially when compared to the original single-player edition. Great fun for picnics and other occasions. Girls will love that they can start playing right out of the box. Fantastic gift for 10 year old girls who love Nerf! Young Katnisses will love this bow from Zing toys. It comes with darts that whistle and light up through the air.

Load the dart and pull the string back to fire up to feet away. Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr. The Lil Banshee Jr. Ten year old girls will love getting into archery. Why play with a toy bow when you can use the real thing? There is a reason that the Genesis bow is used in the National Archery program for training young children.

Even beginners can shoot it right out of the box. Because it adjusts easily, the bow is perfect for 10 year old girls. The entire family will love shooting it in the backyard. Does she love the great outdoors or sports? These gifts are sure to bring out her adventurous side.

With this 8 foot trampoline from Skywalker , the backyard may never be the same. Built with safety in mind with a double locking door, the trampoline supports up to pounds.

This one has a built in hoop inside for added enjoyment. The Elite Ring Toss Game is a great game at a good value. The travel case is a welcome addition for taking it on the go. Anytime she is looking to have a good time she can head out to this swing for some classic fun! The net does take some time to break-in. Be prepared for awesome fun with the Walkaroo Xtreme Stilts! They are comfortable to use indoors and outdoors. Who knew stilt walking could be so fun?! Slacker Slackline simply attaches between 2 trees, becoming a 50 foot tightrope that kids can balance, walk, and even bounce on.

It combines the fun of a trampoline with balancing. The teaching line makes it even easy for beginners to get the hang of it. The zipline provides endless thrills and excitement! The Coleman Sundome Tent is available in 2, 3, 6-person tents, depending on your needs. The tent is easy to setup and features a nice design that not only looks good but is equally functional. They are awesome, high-quality sleeping bags for camping and they are so adorable.

They come in bright colors and they are ultra soft while keeping you super warm. Kikkerland Zip Flip Travel Pillow. While this looks like a stuffed animal, it can easily be converted into a travel pillow. To convert it, all you need to do is lift out the excess fabric and fill it with the microbeads.

As unbelievable as it sounds, it can easily be converted back and forth simply by moving the microbeads inside. Swimline Giant Pizza Float. Made out of Vinyl, it measure 6 feet by 5 feet. You can even put a couple of them together to form an even bigger pizza.

It is gluten free. At age 10, it is important that she gets exercise because many girls go through a major growth spurt around this time. Experts recommend at least 1 hour a day of physical activity. Because she has developed controlled over the small and large muscles in her body, it is a good time to get her involved in team sports like volleyball, gymnastics, soccer, or basketball.

Help build the athlete in her with these sporty gifts for 10 year old girls. They are lightweight, built sturdily, and have great insulation. Your water will remain cool in hot temperatures. Likewise, hot beverages remain hot. While it is pretty basic, the Fitbit Flex 2 is the least expensive Fitbit. Available in different shades, it feels very lightweight on your wrist.

It syncs with the Fitbit app to record all your statistics. Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball. The quality of the ball is very good and it features a classic design. It performs as expected with great weight and feel and is better than some balls that cost more.

Girls will enjoy playing with these durable balls for a very long time. If your ten year old daughter loves soccer, this is a practical gift to improve their game. Franklin Sports Competition Goal. It features great quality and they are easy to put together. The goal is pretty lightweight so you can easily move it around as needed.

This Spalding NBA Street style basketball features an adorable pink and purple color scheme perfect for girls. The quality, feel, and weight of the ball are really good. Lifetime Pro Portable Basketball System. The LifeTime Basketball set is an awesome set that is a really great deal if your 10 year old girl loves hoops. This is sure to be a slam dunk hit with hoops fans! Fin Fun Mermaid Tails. These super cute Mermaid Tails are incredible.

Many 10 year old girls will have these high on their Christmas wishlists. They fit well and the design is so beautiful. Girls will love wearing these tails while swimming. For 10 year old girls, a inch racket is suitable. The racket is lightweight and the weight feels just right.

The best part, is this racket handles well and is perfect for beginning players. Your 10 year old little leaguer will be so excited to receive this as a gift.

Girls will improve their hitting with this excellent bat. Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Set. This volleyball and badminton set from Baden is a high quality set that delivers great value. A convenient travel case allows you to take the fun wherever you go. Are you ready for some outdoor fun? Choose from a great selection of cute colors.

Tumbl Trak Folding Gymnastics Mat. Available in several fun vivid colors, this thick tumbling from Tumbl Trak is perfect for gymnastics and yoga. It provides the perfect cushioning while you are doing your tumbling, yoga stretches, or pushups. Under Armour Undeniable Sackpack. For the sporty girl in your life, there is this draw string gym bag from Under Armour. It can even be used as a sleepover bag. Not only does it have a roomy main compartment for all your gym clothes, but it also has a pocket on the front for keeping all your essentials.

The adidas Diablo Small Duffle Bag gives you great bang for the buck. Girls can stuff it with clothing, shoes, and more.

Yoga is cool but aerial yoga is even cooler! When you hang this yoga swing, you can do all these cool yoga moves and stretches in the air. You can swing back and forth or even flip upside down. You do need to buy the hardware to mount it and you can find instructions online on how to hang it securely from a door or ceiling.

This plastic board shaped like a spoon is a great way to learn balance and coordination before moving onto one of the board sports. The Spooner board mimics the feeling of riding a board in the comfort of your own living room.

It can actually be used on any surface and even outside. Beginners can simply spin around on it while more advanced users can use it to perform cool tricks.

Girls will love cruising along on this two wheeled scooter designed for 10 year olds and even adults. With an adjustable handlebar, it is perfect for older kids and adults up to pounds. Compared to other scooters, it got larger wheels which makes it easier to control and smooth even on bumpy surfaces.

It folds compactly, making it easy to store and travel with. What would happen if you mixed a skateboard with a segway? You would get this. Every 10 year old girl dreams of owning one of these. Unlike a Segway, there are no handles. When you lean in a direction, it goes in that direction. Like a skateboard there is a learning curve and you must wear the proper protective gear, but once you can balance on it there is no cooler way to get around.

This might look like a traditional skateboard but it is not. The front and back of the board are connected by a rod, allowing you to twist back and forth on the board to gain acceleration. There is a reason the Penny board is one of the most popular skateboards.

Available in several styles and constructed out of sturdy plastic, this 22 inch board offers the perfect combination of speed and stability that is friendly enough even for beginners. Compared to other similar boards, the Penny board has a better push off, allowing you to just glide down the street. There is no better way to cruise around. There is something about jumping up and down on a pogo stick that is accelerating.

Girls will love this pogo stick from Flybar. With a rugged frame and a rubber tip, this pogo stick is designed to support riders between 80 to pounds.

Girls will love having contests to see who can jump the highest. The sparking action is icing on the cake. Get ready for a wickedly FUN time! Wheel Brightz LED bicycle lights are a cool gift idea for your 10 year old girl. If she rides a inch bike or larger these are perfect. All your friends will want some as well. The lights are very easy to install. The bright colors look amazing in the dark.

Not only do they look ultra cool in the dark, but also they make you more visible to drivers. Girls will be in love at first sight!

Riding a bike just got a whole lot more fun with this bike wheel light from Monkey Light. The faster you pedal, the better the light show. The EzyRoller Ride-On is one of the funnest gifts around. Your 10 year old girl will be full of excitement after she rides the EzyRoller.

The Yvolution Y Fliker Scooter is truly fun to ride. It delivers a unique riding experience unlike anything else. Kids even love this more than their regular bikes or scooters. Huffy Good Vibrations 20 inch Bike.

The Huffy Girls Good Vibrations Bike featuring 20 inch wheels is a super cute and absolutely beautiful bike for girls.

The bike is easy to assemble and rides easy, comfortably, and super smooth. Scooters are cool but for girls who need a faster way to get around there is the Razor Pocket Mod. How cool is this? Available in several fashionable colors, it looks like a classic Italian Scooter. The seat flips open and acts as a storage area. Your 10 year old will love zipping around the neighborhood in style up to 15 mph. You might even want to get one for yourself.

Walkaroo Xtreme Steel Balance Stilts. What could be more fun than learning to walk? How about trying to walk with stilts on? With an adjustable height of 12 to 17 inches off the ground, the stilts are easy to adjust so even beginners can get the hang of it. Not only do these Spitfire skates from Rollerblade look cool, they are super easy to adjust. With a simple press of a button, the skates can be resized to make them fit perfectly around the foot.

Thanks to cell phones, tablets, and texting, nowadays, parents are faced with the question of when to introduce their children to electronics. The age kids are getting introduced to technology is getting lower and lower.

According to Tech Crunch , on average children are getting their first Smartphone around the age of While these ideas can make cool gifts for 10 year old girls, it is important to set limits and guidelines. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera. Girls will appreciate how easy they are to operate and the great pictures they produce instantly. The macro and selfie features are new this year. Girls will be excited to capture and share their favorite memories.

Osmo Starter Kit Ages Employing an innovative new system, Osmo Starter Kit is a highly recommended kit that is super easy to use with your iPad. Cozmo is not your ordinary toy robot. Cozmo is also so expressive with an array of facial expressions.

Hands-down, this is one of the best robot experiences out there. Fire HD 7 Tablet with Alexa. The new Kindle Fire is more affordable than ever which makes it a great gift for a 10 year old girl. Kids get to play apps, watch movies, and read their favorite books.

The Amazon appstore makes it very easy to purchase additional content. We love that the Kindle Fire has built in parental controls to control how much time your girl is spending with the device. If your girl loves reading, then the Paperwhite is probably the best new way to read books. The display is almost like reading a book and the battery life seems to last forever. It handles all the basics from email and word processing to web surfing, social networking and streaming music and video.

It is ultra lightweight and portable, weighing just under 3 pounds. The computer is perfect for students as it is ruggedly built and features outstanding battery life up to 10 hours for all-day fun. The Retevis Kids Walkies are easy to use walkies at a great price.

They deliver clear sound and feature surprisingly good quality at this price. Girls will enjoy great range, too. Ten year old girls will love taking it with them and capturing memories of their many adventures. The camera is easy to use, lightweight, compact, and shoots video for about 2 continuous hours. Plus, it shoots great quality video making it a great gift for birthdays or Christmas.

Every ten year old girl dreams of getting her very own iPod. With the Apple App Store, there are so many apps and games to choose from. Apple came out with a new tablet that is smaller and less expensive than the regular iPad but it will run all of the same apps.

If your daughter has been asking for an iPad, this is the way to go. The iPhone 7 delivers the best performance of any iPhone to date.

Not only does it boast the most powerful performance, but it also features the best battery performance.

Immerse yourself in stereo audio and capture your memories with the most advanced camera yet. With such a delicate tech gadget, you want to ensure it has the best protection out there. The OtterBox is highly-rated and well-received for delivering robust protection.

It helps protect your iPod from drops, bumps, and more. When it comes to video games, you definitely want to limit screen time and pay attention to the ESRB ratings. These video games are perfect for lazy weekends. The Nintendo Switch creates an innovative portable and home console experience so you can play everywhere.

The real brilliance is how seamlessly the technology works and how you can easily transition from one mode to the other. The ability to play classic Nintendo games would just serve as the icing on the cake on an already solid system. The PlayStation 4 is the best-selling console this generation with over 60 million PS4s sold.

This Slim Console bundle includes the critically-acclaimed action-adventure, Uncharted 4. The PS4 also plays Blu-ray movies. The PS4 boasts one of the stongest lineups of games with plenty of blockbuster exclusives that make it the system to own.

The Xbox One S is a powerful console and one of the best values in gaming and entertainment. Play more than exclusives and even Xbox games plus all the biggest blockbuster franchises. It features awesome 3D graphics, 3D face tracking, and it plays all 3DS games. It performs better than ever and the 3D effect takes your games to a whole new level! If your 10 year old girl loves Nintendo games, this is the perfect gift.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Rated E. Brimming with tons of characters, courses, and multiplayer fun, Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is one of the best titles for the Nintendo Switch. The game offers an amazing multiplayer experience and now for the first time ever you can play Mario Kart at home and on the go.

Super Mario Odyssey is the major hit slated for release on the Switch for the holiday window. Gear up for an all-new Mario adventure as Mario returns to the sandbox gameplay made popular by Super Mario Mario will visit new worlds and will have new tricks up his sleeve to take on Bowser. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the first must-have game if you have a Switch. This is the biggest and finest Zelda adventure ever and the developers have boldly reinvented Zelda to make it more accessible to gamers.

Splatoon 2, a Switch exclusive, is a fun single and multiplayer experience. Multiplayer will be where the game shines. The game features vibrant worlds and the game is really simple to play. This is easier said than done. Gear up for insane FUN! Minecraft is one of the most popular videogame franchises available for nearly every system.

The game encourages ten year old girls to tap into their imaginations to craft their own worlds. After creating their worlds you can wander around them. The possibilities for what you can create are endless. Fans will be hooked for hours on end. Pokemon Ultra Moon and Sun is the perfect gift for any Pokemon fan. The plot of the story is expected to be epic as always.

Fans will be eager to discover all the new Pokemon Ultra Moon and Sun have to offer. Just Dance is the hottest party game in town. The game features new and improved modes like World Dance Floor that are super competitive and fun! Best of all, the game is accessible to all types of players from beginners to pros. The movie lives up to the high standards set by the original with a beautiful rendition that fans will be pleased by.

If your girl loved the original, this version is worth owning. Audiences will be surprised that Moana is not your typical Disney princess movie. The characters, story, and music are all lovable. Trolls from Dreamworks Animation is a cute and entertaining movie worth watching.

It has LED lights that just flow and pulsate around the bottom of it and looks truly awesome. Your kid is going to feel like the ultimate racer on this! It also has a good break so she will always feel safe and in control.

Next on our gifts for 10 year old girls list is the Designed by You Fashion Studio. The idea of this is that with the helpful design book, your child is going to learn how you go about designing clothes. From picking the right fabrics, colors and even sketching them out.

The designed by you fashion studio offers a step by step guide to the world of fashion and we are sure they will find it super cool and interesting. In this set, you get a small mannequin and it also comes with a bunch of fabric and sewing equipment so that they can use the mannequin to actually make their own dresses and clothing. The Googly Eyes Game is a game that is not just one of the best gifts for 10 year old girls it also is an awesome game that the whole family can get in on.

Think of this as an ultra crazy version of Pictionary. The winner is the team that makes it to the end of the game board first.

But on your way there you are going to have to draw many different and random things and you have to wear the Googly Eyes glasses while drawing them. There are different lenses for the glasses and you roll the dice to see which ones you have to use. They all have different and funny effects and seeing people draw with these on is hilarious.

Well, any sleepover your child throws is going to be extra fun with The Sleepover Party Game. This is all about having fun. They use a spinner and once it lands, they will have to do one of the challenges. There are over different things for them to do as challenges so there is a ton of variety here and it will stop them doing the same things over and over again. The Sleepover Party Game is sure to be a hit at any girls sleepover! These bath bombs are nice and large and are made of organic ingredients, they hide a secret surprise in each bath bomb.

Your child is never going to know what is in them and that is where the fun comes from. We are sure that your child is going to really love the Day at The Spa Deluxe Gift Set as it gives them a taste of a day at the spa.

The best thing about this is that it is not going to cost you a fortune. You get a lot of great items in this set. Some of the real highlights of this set are the battery powered nail dryer and the inflatable pedicure pool where you can rest your feet.

Once you are done, you can wrap them up in the pedicure slippers. A nice variety of nail polish is included as are toe separators so that you can really get in there and make your toes a work of art. There is just so much to this set that you will probably keep checking the asking price as it does seem too good to be true. Here we have a great gift idea that is really good if you have a girl who loves her arts, crafts and making her own bling! The set has all they need to make some amazing bling that they can show off and it will hopefully stop them from wanting to wear yours.

There are 24 different beads, bracelets, charms, glitter glue and much more. You name it and this set probably has it! They can follow the instructions or they can come up with crazy charm bracelet designs of their own, either way, they will be having a great time.

Now as you are a parent you might not know just who Pusheen is, but she is an internet sensation and something your kid no doubt loves. Well now Pusheen who was already an adorable cat, is even more adorable as she is pretending to be a unicorn! It is just so adorable it is ridiculous. At 13 inches it is a very good size and it really could not be any softer and cuddlier so your kid is going to absolutely love it.

We feel that this is the kind of gift that makes for a fantastic surprise. It is very affordable, high quality and something that the majority of 10 year old girls will actually know about and think is very cool. We are not saying that if your daughter were to drink from this Wonder Woman Thermos Funtainer that she would all of a sudden turn into an Amazonian warrior princess, but at the same time we are not ruling this out!

Wonder Woman is huge right now and many girls all over the world have discovered that girls can kick butt too thanks to Wonder Woman. This 12 ounce bottle is just really cool! It has some high quality Wonder Woman artwork that really does pop out at you. But it functions incredibly well as a drinks bottle also. To start with it is designed to keep whatever it is you put in here cold or warm for 12 hours.

This means it is ideal for school or even for taking to soccer practice. The button makes the lid pop up so they can drink and then they close it when they are finished, preventing it from spilling all over their bag. Being cool and practical make this a great gift idea for a 10 year old girl! Your budding artist is going to be very happy with what this art set offers.

There are 12 pastels, 12 pencils and a whole load of different paints such as oils, watercolor and even acrylic. You even get all of the tools you need to create amazing works of art. Palatte knives, brushes, two good sized palates and many other fun and useful art supplies as well. It has everything a child needs to let their creative spark shine and that makes it a really awesome gift.

Keeping all of this art stuff tidy and safe is easy as the box works as a carrying case and also as an easel. Next on our gifts for 10 year old girls list we find a STEM toy. With this set a 10 year old girl is going to be learning the basics of circuits and how they work, giving her a better understanding. If your child has a love for science then she is really going to get a kick out of this.

There is a lot to this set as it contains multiple circuit boards and parts. Your child can make things like a trivia game, a drum pad and a motion sensor alarm. The included book gives them a ton of different ideas and breaks down how to do them.

Once they start to figure things out they can have fun by creating their own inventions and games with this set. The first thing you notice is just how cute Ozobot is.

At only around 1 inch in size, this is one of the smallest robots on the planet. Do not let his size fool you as with some help from your child, you will see just how smart he is. Ozobot recognizes shapes, colors, codes and many other things. You can use a free app that has over 20 games and activities that are not just fun, they will also teach a child things like coding, STEM, and general computer science.

We know that educational toys do not always go over that well, but this is one that is really awesome and a lot of fun. It could be what makes your daughter realize that science is actually pretty cool. Alex and Ani jewelry is very big right now, so if your 10 year old loves jewelry, she will love, love, love this! These birthstone bracelets feature 3 stamped Alex and Ani charms and a faceted birth stone.

Made from recycled material, this is a great gift for the Eco-conscious fashion lover. The Spirograph Design Sets have been around for decades, yet are still incredibly popular today with younger and older folks.

Using a combination of art and mathematics, Spirograph creates beautiful spiral designs and color patterns.

The Spirograph Deluxe Design Set features 19 wheels, 2 rings, 1 rack, spiro-putty, 3 pens, page guide book, design paper and carry-along storage case. Other artsy, crafty gifts for 10 year old girls: Tyler, the Playful Tiger is one of the most interactive toys on the market right now and high on the list of best gifts for 10 year old girls.

This playful tiger is nice and soft so he is also perfect for snuggles at bed time.

The 11 Best Gifts to Buy for Year-Old Girls in Pin Share Email button Search Search Decor The 11 Best Gifts to Buy for Year-Old Girls in Here are great gifts for year-old girls that offer a little something for everyone, no matter their taste, style or level of maturity. Find the best gifts for 10 year old girls. See the over gifts and toys for 10 year old girls. If she wants to get into nail art, this set is the perfect way to start and makes the perfect Christmas or birthday gift for a 10 year old girl. Jewelry Gifts for Girls Age Christmas is a magical holiday for all girls, as the tree is being trimmed, carols are being sung and visions presents fill their heads. This Christmas surprise the 9 to year-old girl on your shopping list with the perfect holiday gift.